Struise Blue Monk 2013 Special Reserve 11.2oz

Max: 2

Beer ABV

10 & Up

Beer Style






Blue Monk Special Reserve 2013 is a quadruple which has been aged for 3 years in red wine barrels from Château Haut Breton Larigaudière in Margaux ! It is dark brown in color with a beige frothy head. According to Struise, it has an aroma and bouquet of a complex red wine, with a soft taste of spice, berries and black cherries. The flavour is enriched with touches of caramel, fine chocolate, toasted nuts and soft hints of smoke. The fruity elements of red and dark fruits comes from the aging in barrels fine from Château Haut Breton Larigaudière in Margaux. These flavors are adding a slight vanilla note and some refined wood tannins. The finish is soft and smoky with a soft fruity accent and a mild hoppy expression in the most interesting and long aftertaste.