Online shopping at Lueken’s can fulfill one’s desire to tour the world’s finest breweries without packing your bags.

True beer lovers recognize it can deliver so much more than the average corner store’s 6-pack. If your local stores only sell so many varieties of beer, it can be frustrating for the connoisseur. Lueken’s Liquors gives you the opportunity not only to buy beer online at great prices, but also to try both rare and popular craft beers that you can’t find in your area.

We carry all types of domestics and imports including bocks, lagers, porters, pilsners, saisons, IPAs and more. You can try beer from venerated breweries in Belgium, Germany and the U.K., or from young upstart beer companies in the U.S. We also offer the latest beers as well as seasonal beers, so check out our selection when the seasons change or you want to see what’s new!

It’s easy to shop our beer selection to find exactly what you need. Our website makes it easy to shop for beer online by brewery name, beer style or region of origin, offering one of the finest options to grow your collection.

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JW Lees Harvest Ale 2007 Vintage 275ml
Available filtered and pasteurized in 275ml dark glass bottles. Has...

Max: 2
JW Lees Harvest Lagavulin Casks 2013 9.3oz
Matured in wooden casks of Lagavulin Malt Whiskey, one of the most...

Max: 3
JW Lees Harvest Port Casks 2009 9.3oz
Matured in wooden casks of Willoughbys Crusted Port to impart sweetness...

Max: 6
JW Lees Harvest Sherry Casks 2015 9.3oz
This fully fermented ale has been brewed by JW Lees as a celebration of...

Max: 6