Starling Castle Riesling 750ml






With a bright golden hue, the nose is fresh with a touch of citrus and pear and semi-sweet fruit flavors on the mid-palate before a crisp, elegant finish.

Superbly matched with salads, fruits, light cheeses and desserts. As opposites attract, Starling Castle is just sweet enough to bring out the best of spicy Asian cuisine.

The grapes are from the Mosel region of Germany. The steep south facing slopes and stony slate soils are ideal growing conditions for Riesling. Due to the steep slopes the vines are trained up 8 foot high wooden stakes and are harvested by hand. The grape harvest quantities per hectare are reduced to guarantee a selection of only top quality fruit. The grapes are then cold-fermented to capture the natural taste of the grapes. After fermentation, there is a second “selection” process to assure only the best wine of the lot is chosen, resulting in the highest quality Riesling