Disznoko 2007 5 Puttonyos, Tokaji Aszu 500ml






The heart and soul of the Disznoko Hungarian estate is put into this wine called '5 Puttonyos'. A world-class dessert wine, as beautiful and complex as anything you can find anywhere in the world, it has a deep amber color, with apricot, quince, apple, dried plum and date aromas on the nose and palate, all in a full-bodied, silky style that brings all the flavors together in perfect harmony. This sweet wine is also capable of extremely long aging in a wine cellar, and should be served after dinner on its own, or with a selection of dried fruits, especially apricots, apples and dates, roasted nuts such as cashews and almonds, and/or with cheeses such as Saint Andre, Wenslydale with Apricots, and a sheep's milk called Petit Basque. Hungary has one of the world’s richest winemaking histories, in terms both of its tradition as well as the style of the wine – specifically, for over 400 years Hungary has been making world-renowned dessert wines, incredibly lush and delicious. The Disznoko estate itself was classified at the top level of Hungary’s vineyard demarcation in 1772, making it one of the first classified estates in all of Europe. Disznoko is regarded as making some of the very finest sweet wines – Tokaji - in the world, and have brought back the reputation of this region’s sweet wines as “the wine of kings and king of wines” (Louis XIV).