Dewars White Label Scotch 750ML





Blended Scotch

On the nose, Dewars White Label offers up a gentle bouquet of ripe pears, warm butterscotch, oak and just the slightest hint of smoke. A touch of Scottish heather looms in the background, but overall this is a light, fruity bouquet.

Body and Palate

Dewars White Label is delicate on the tongue. It is not meant to be a mouthcoating monster of a Scotch whisky, instead, Dewars White Label dances nimbly across the palate, offering quick pinpricks of light malt sugar, pears, Madagascar vanilla, honey and a whisper of peat smoke.


On the finish, Dewars White Label offers a relatively quick finish that is predominately vanilla and honey. A longer finish would make this a far less versatile blended Scotch. As it is, the quick finish offers just enough sweet notes to satisfy those who drink it neat or on the rocks, while the lack of a long, lingering finish means that it blends into cocktails exceptionally well without throwing the balance of a drink off.