Stranahans Colorado Whiskey 750ml







American Whiskey

Luekens Barrel Select - barrel no. 13-0484 94ptf

If high-quality, unique whiskies are your bag, don't put off getting your hands on a bottle of Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey; Colorado's first small batch, hand-crafted whiskey that uses top-notch ingredients. The barley for Stranahan's is grown in the Northern Rockies and the water comes from the State's pure mountain streams. The distillery contracts with neighboring Flying Dog Brewery for its four-barley fermented mash, which then goes through a unique filtration program. Twice distilled in a custom Vendome Copper Co. pot still, aged in charred American white oak whiskey barrels for a minimum of two years. They make three barrels of whiskey a week (that's more like five minutes of production for a mass-producing distillery). The resulting dram is sweet, with fruit and spice notes and is very smooth.