Grey Goose Vodka 1.75L

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For centuries the most respected experts in spirits distillation have practiced their craft in the region, which is renowned for its luxury foods, wines and spirits. It's these craftsmen whose expertise and vision led to the creation of a spirit so exceptional that it redefined vodka.

Under the watchful eye of an expert, the GREY GOOSE maître de chai (cellar master), the spirit is closely monitored so as to ensure that every drop of its production exceeds expectations. Only the finest ingredients are used, such as the golden fine French wheat and the naturally filtered spring water that creates the superior nature of GREY GOOSE vodka.

Reflecting how the world's best tasting vodka and Cognac are intrinsically linked, GREY GOOSE is named after the geese that have made Cognac their home and are celebrated in the region. The geese are a familiar sight in the center of Cognac where a flock regularly drinks from the fountain in front of the Hôtel de Ville. Each year, geese are put in the spotlight with the Foire aux Pirons (festival of the geese), a local tradition which commemorates the region's world-renowned epicurean heritage.

In its first year of production, GREY GOOSE was hailed as "The World's Best Tasting Vodka" by the Chicago Beverage Testing Institute and was also awarded a Platinum medal at the World Spirits Championship in San Francisco, California.



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