Riddler Lot Seven Red Napa Wine 750ml





Napa Valley

Wine Varietal

Red Blends

Enjoy a silky smoothness not found in Napa Reds. Hints of bright wild raspberries mix with fresh plums and violets. Red fruit flavors linger endlessly on your palette. Pairs wonderfully with chefs finest meat dishes. It is so smooth that it can be enjoyed on its own, or shared with a special someone.

The Riddler takes me back to my boyhood. I am six years old. Playing alone. I have discovered an old stone winery on a friend's property. The door easily opens. I step inside, amazed at the rows of giant oak tanks. I brush their sides with my fingers, delightfully finding drops of sticky liquid. Each is a mystery of new smells and tastes. They are riddles that I have spent my life trying to solve. -Winemaker

The Riddler is bottled by Stratton Lummis. It has given us endless friends. We at Stratton Lummis wish that Lot 4 of The Riddler brings you the same.

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