Wine is a very popular beverage, but depending on your taste, a “good wine” means different things to different people. Whether you prefer a sweet dessert wine or a dry red wine -- or you love wine in all its varieties and varietals -- Lueken’s Liquors online wine sales offer the chance to buy excellent wines from around the globe at prices that allow you to really stock your wine cellar.

You can shop using different criteria, so you’re certain to find exactly the wine you’re looking to buy online. Shop by wine variety, country, region, price point or size: that allows you to narrow down the results to find your perfect wines. Whether you’ve been meaning to try a wine from California’s North Coast or one from New Zealand, we make it easy to order both.

We carry wines from all over the world, from all the top wine-producing regions -- both the ones you’ve heard of and some you may not know about yet. Cabernet, chardonnay, merlot, zinfandel, gewurztraminer -- whatever your taste in wine, from sweet and fruity to semi-sweet to downright dry and/or spicy, you can buy it online at Lueken’s Liquor at a great price.

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Amethystos Dry White Wine 2015 750ml
"The most important Greek white best-sellers, the white amethyst rests on...

Boutari Kretikos 2015 Red 750ml
The harmonious blending of two primary indigenous red varieties of Crete...

Boutari Kretikos White 750ml
A pleasant simple white wine with a luminous, golden white color and an...

Boutari Moschofilero Greek White Wine 750ml
Boutari Moschofilero (moh-skoh-FEE-leh-roh) is a premium white wine made...

Cavino Ionos Dry Red Wine 750ml
Red color of good intensity. Bouquet of red fruit and jam. Balanced flavor...

Cavino Ionos Greek Dry Rose 750ml
Dry, rose wine from selected varieties of Achaia's high altitude...

Cavino Ionos White Wine 750ml
A fresh clean crisp Grecian white from the Peloponnese with welcome low...

Cavino Nemea Agiorgitiko 2011 Dry Greek Red Wine 750ml
Deep red colour with vibrant red/purple hues. Aromatic notes of red...

Deus Mavrodaphne Patras Greek Red Wine 750ml
Sweet - Hints of coffee, toffee and rich, spicy nuts. Refined raisin and...

Greek Wine Cellars Agiorgitiko Dry Red 750ml
This dry red wine is characterized by its rich and complex bouquet,...

Greek Wine Cellars GWC Apelia Dry Red Wine 750ml
A dry red wine made in a modern style with no wood ageing with plummy and...

Greek Wine Cellars GWC Apelia Dry Rose Wine 750ml
This un-oaked rose is delightfully dry and delicate with a lingering finish

Greek Wine Cellars GWC Apelia Dry White Wine 750ml
This un-oaked dry white is fresh and flavorful with a fruity bouquet and...

Greek Wine Cellars GWC Assyrtiko Dry Wine 750ml
Assyritko is unique to the Mediterranean in that it achieves ripeness...

Greek Wine Cellars GWC Moscofilero Dry White 750ml
A wine possessing a very light, bright color, a delicate yet distinctive...

Imiglykos Greek Red Wine Cavino 750ml
Red colour of good intensity. Aromas of red fruit and jam. Sugary with...

Imiglykos Greek White Wine Cavino 750ml
A Table wine produced from Xinomavro, Limnio, and Moschato red grape...

Kouros Nemea Agiorgitiko 2013 750ml
This dry red was aged 7 months in French oak and is elegant,...

Kouros Patras Rhoditis 2013 750ml
The un-oaked dry white is crisp and elegant with pear-like fruitiness and...

Kourtaki Greek Dry White Wine 1.5L
This dry white is fresh and flavorful with a fruity bouquet and light...

Kourtaki Mavrodaphne Patras Sweet Red 750ml
A ruby-red color; an intense and rich nose redolent of black raisins; a...

Kourtaki Restina Dry Greek White Wine 750ml
Clear bright gold. Pine resin dominates the aroma and flavor at first, but...

Kourtaki Retsina Greek White Wine 1.5L
This un-oaked dry white has a slightly tangy flavor with the traditional...

Kourtaki Samos Muscat Sweet White 750ml
Elegant, honey, apricot, light-bodied.

Kyklos Moschofilero 2013 Dry Greek Wine 750ml
This white wine offers a pale yellow color, intense varietal aroma of...

Mega Spileo Dry Greek White Wine 2012 750ml
Bright yellow color with green tints. Rich aromatics of unripe yellow...

Mega Spileo Grand Cave Dry Greek Red Wine 750ml
Deep red color with lively red tints. Complex aromatics of laurel, white...

Samos Deus Greek Muscat Cavino 750ml
The grapes delivered are very sensitive, so special attention is paid to...