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Efe Black Triple Distilled Raki 750ml

Made from grapes grown on Aegean soil then triple distilled with anise seeds to bring distinct smoothness to this traditional Turkish spirit.

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Efe Blue Classic Raki 750ml

Manufactured In Turkey, Efe Raki Provides A Traditional Blend Of Only The Finest Grapes And Green Anise.

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Efe Gold Raki 750ml

EFE Gold has no added sugar and has been aged for 120 days in oak barrels to inherit smooth taste, distintive colour, and aromas.

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Efe Green Raki 750ml

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Efes Pilsner 11.2oz 6pk Btls

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Efe Green Raki 750ml

Made from fresh Aegean grapes and anise, giving a sweet and slight sour twist to the usually bitter Efe Raki

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Yeni Raki 750ml

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