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Are you a lover of liqueurs? They’re great for mixing and many are delicious by themselves on the rocks or even poured over ice cream. These delightfully flavored alcoholic beverages go well beyond fruit-flavored schnapps (although we have plenty of those to choose from, too). You can discover many new flavors from around the world when you order liqueurs online from Lueken’s Liquors.

We carry all your favorite standard types of liqueurs, including chocolate, coffee, amaretto, orange and more. You can taste one of the favorite flavors of the Middle East when you try one of our many varieties of Arak, an aniseed-flavored liqueur that is considered the national drink of Lebanon. And did you know chartreuse is a liqueur as well as a color? The drinkable chartreuse is a blend of brandy and herbs that has been made by French monks since the early 1700s.

You can browse our online selection of liqueurs by many criteria. Search for liqueurs by price, type, country of origin and bottle size. That makes it easy to find a new liqueur to try or an old favorite your local liquor stores don’t carry. And a special liqueur makes a great gift even for that hard-to-buy-for person on your list.

With our easy shopping process, Lueken’s Liquors makes it easy and affordable to buy any liqueur you might want from the comfort of home -- even if that liqueur was created half a world away.

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B&B Benedictine 750ml
Benedictine is a judicious blend of the recipes created by Dom Bernardo...

B&B Dom Liqueur 750ml
In the 1930's, a barman from the famous Club Twenty One in New York dream...

Bonal Gentiane Quina Aperitif 750ml
Bonal Gentiane Quina is an aperitif that has things in common with both...

Briottet Mandarine Liqueur 750ml
High quality mandarin liqueur from this French artisan producer. All the...

Chartreuse Green 110 proof Liqueur 750ml
The bouquet is vibrant, prickly and displays cedar, coriander, cardomon,...

Chartreuse Green V.E.P. 1L
Chartreuse Verte (green) is a traditional French liqueur made with...

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Chartreuse Yellow 80 proof Liqueur 750ml
Chartreuse Yellow Liqueur is created by macerating over 130 herbs, plants,...

Cointreau 1.0L

Cointreau 1.75L

Cointreau Liqueur 750ml
A perfect marriage between sweet and bitter orange peels. Ready to meet...

Cointreau Noir Blend Liqueur 750ml
Cointreau Noir is a blend of Cointreau liqueur and Remy Martin cognac. A...

Combier Liqueur d Orange 750ml
Combier was the world's first triple sec; in fact, current bottling's are...

Dom B & B Liqueur 750ml
A proprietary matured blend of French brandy and Benedictine, that...

Dom Benedictine Liqueur 750ml
Dom Benedictine Liqueur 750ml

Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur 750ml
Domaine de Canton is a ginger-flavored liqueur imported and distributed by...

Dubonnet Rouge Apetitif 750ml
Dubonnets mix of fortified wine, a proprietary blend of herbs, spices and...

Dubonnet White Apetitif 750ml
Dubonnet White Vermouth 750ml

Ferrand Dry Curacao Orange Liqueur 750ml
Orange liqueur with Cognac like elements. Newly created with hints of...