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Reggae Margarita Wine Cocktail 750ml

Reggae Margarita 750 ml

Sweet and salty like an ocean breeze, Reggae Margarita gives you more time to hang your hammock and soak up paradise. Just twist open and serve over ice! Raise a glass and beat the steel drum, it’s that good straight out of the bottle.

Canerock Rum 750ml

canerock rum

Pleasant and moreish, this rum has a murky amber hue and rich scent suggesting maple and allspice. The palate opens with maple sugar, cocoa and hazelnut, finishing with black pepper, ginger and cayenne zing. Finished in ex-sherry casks.

High Rock Vodka 750ml

high rock vodka

Sugar maple charcoal filtered. 7 times distilled. Highly Crafted: At Sugarlands Distilling Company, our distillers take great pride in our hand-crafted high rock vodka. 

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Don’t Cry Over Spilt Wine.

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