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Widow Jane 10yr 100 Proof 750ml

Widow Jane 10yr 100 Proof

To celebrate a decade of superlative whiskey, we invite you to try our limited-edition 10th Anniversary bourbon, even richer, deeper and finished at a stunning 100 proof with our famous limestone water.

Widow Jane Decadence 750ml

Widow Jane Decadence 750ml

A blend of classic Widow Jane Bourbons aged at least 10 years, finished in Maple Syrup Barrels from New York’s artisanal Crown Maple Co. Delivers a slightly sweet, creamy-rich mouth feel and lingering finish.

Widow Jane Lucky 13yr 750ml

Widow Jane Lucky 13yr

The whiskey aging process is influenced by time & place. Aren’t we lucky. These barrels have all been influenced by the greatly varying temperatures & humidity levels of their original source and their time in our Rick House in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The different rick house positions combined with climate variations have led to subtle […]

Widow Jane 10yr 91 Proof 750ml

Reviving the lost art of marrying the finest whiskeys, Widow Jane 10 Year Old is our signature bourbon. Hand assembled in Brooklyn using the richest & rarest straight bourbons, only ever in 5 barrel batches, non-chill filtered & proofed with our own mineral water from the legendary Rosendale Mines of NY, we deliver a whiskey […]

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