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Bhakta Brandy 27-07 750ml

Bhakta Brandy 27-07

27-07 tempts the palate with a bold flavor profile rooted in Calvados and kissed by Armagnac. Autumnal aromas of Calvados collide with the floral richness of Armagnac. A smoky finish rounds out the flavor profile of this rule-bending dram. 27 years at its oldest, and 7 years at its youngest, 27-07 embodies a remarkable age […]

Bhakta 50yr Armagnac 750ml

Bhakta 50yr Armagnac 750ml

BHAKTA 50 1868-1970 Whisky-finished Armagnac from the founder of WhistlePig “There is something special about an ultra-aged spirit, especially one that dates back to the 19th century. This is a superb brandy—layered, nuanced, bursting with flavor. It is extraordinary old, yet still manages to retain a freshness and fruitiness that belies its age.” – Joseph […]

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