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Hangar One Vodka 1.75L


Blend of a wheat neutral spirit and vodka crafted from viognier wine. The addition of the viognier vodka to diminishes the alcoholic overtone found in most other vodkas. Finish is medium-long, grainy sweet and slightly grapy.

Hangar One Mandarin 750ml


Infused with the flavoring of mandarin blossoms picked at the height of bloom allow distillers to capture complex and floral citrus characteristics without having to depend on unstable acids from the fruit’s juice.

Hangar One Makrut Lime 750ml

Hangar One Kaffir Lime 750ml

Infused with Kaffir limes and leaves that are mainstays of Thai cuisine because of their high aromatic oil content and intense flavor. There are notes of wood, white pepper and cucumber.

Hangar One Citron Buddhas 750ml

Hangar One Citron Buddhas 750ml

Flavored with the unique and rare citrus fruit, Buddha’s Hands, from China. Whole fresh fruit is used rather than extracts that are popular in other citrus vodkas. This provides a complex palate that includes citrus flavors as well as jasmine and hints of fruitcake spices.

Florida Cane Vodka 750ml

Florida Cane Vodka 750ml

Cane Vodka is hand-crafted entirely of Florida ingredients representing the best of the state. Using locally grown sugarcane from South Florida to produce an artisan vodka with the smoothest flavor. Try it today in a favorite cocktail. Enjoy!

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