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Santa Julia Organica Malbec 750ml

Santa Julia Malbec Organica 750ml

This Malbec is an intense, concentrated and bright purple. On the nose, it is complex, showing varietal notes of ripe fruits (figs and prunes), jam and raisins. Sweet tannins greet the palate, balanced by acidity. The wine’s finish is lingering and complex.

Santa Julia Organica Cabernet 750ml

Santa Julia Cabernet Sauvignon Organica 750ml

Intense ruby red in color, this Cabernet Sauvignon shows aromas of red and black fruits such as cassis, black cherries and spices like black pepper and sweet pepper. It is a medium-bodied, well-balanced wine with soft tannins and a long finish.

Rain Organics Cucumber 750ml

Rain Organics Cucumber 750ml

Vodka with fresh sweet cucumber juice and soft light lime… what a match, and the taste is even better. Excellent body, brisk palate activity, clean flavors. Try it with a splash of soda, sake or sparkling wine. Organic.

Rain Organics Honey Mango Melon 750ml


Honeydew with the delicate scent of melon blossoms in the background delectable. The flavors tend toward a variety of melon that disperse and move enjoyably all over the palate, to finish lightly with a sweet mustiness. This would be delicious with lemonade or tonic. Organic.

Snoqualmie Organic Riesling 750ml

Snoqualmie Organic Riesling 750ml

The Snoqualmie ORGANIC Columbia Valley Riesling bursts with fresh aromas of apple and pear characters accented with a touch of lime and mineral notes. A crisp, off dry finish captures the pure elegance of this varietal.

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