About Our Company

About Luekens

Luekens Wine & Spirits (previously known as Luekens Liquors or Luekens Big Town Liquors) was originally established in 1988 in Dunedin, Florida, by its founder, Henry Lueken. Hank, as he was known, had the simple goal of selling the largest variety of brand names at the lowest prices. Before his passing, Hank sold the business to another local business man, Chamoun “Simon” Jallo, who shared Hank’s same values and goals in ensuring the best customer experience at the lowest prices!

Simon brought his 25+ years of retail experience and sent Luekens on a trajectory that many did not expect was possible. Simon credited the rapid growth of Luekens not just to the low costs that attracted customers, but also to his staff. He relied on them to give customers the great shopping experience that would keep them coming back regardless of industry trends. Without raising prices, Simon expanded by opening up more locations and remodeling older locations to ensure customers had the best shopping experiences possible! As the business grew, so did Simon’s aspirations.

Under Simon’s leadership, what started small, with a single discount liquor store and an idea of selling more for less, has grown into one of the largest independent retailers of wine, spirits and beer in the Country! Today, Luekens carries thousands of different brand name wine, spirits and beer, including over 10,000 Wines, 8,000 Spirits, 4,000 Beers and more!

However, Luekens has not lost its identity during this growth. To date, Luekens remains a family owned and operated local business, giving back to the communities that have helped it grow into one of the industry leaders it is today. At Luekens, quality customer service and customer satisfaction is our number one priority, which extends to what we offer to our customers and at what price. Unlike some of its competitors, Luekens continues to stand firm on its “no gimmicks” standards. Today’s consumer now more than ever seeks convenience of one-stop shopping that Luekens offers. Our customer experience and low prices is the foundation upon which we were built, and our focus on that strategy has never been stronger. What stood 30 years ago, remains today. Largest selections of brand names at the lowest prices, guaranteed!